Sunday, 9 December 2012

Paperbark Maple

About four days ago I visited our churchyard here in Byfield to photograph some of the effects of snow which had fallen during the night. Instead, however, my interest was caught by the lovely bark of a Paperback Maple, Acer griseum.

When I first came to Byfield I'm fairly sure there was a commemorative plaque at the base of this tree but it isn't there now; perhaps it was of value as scrap metal! Whatever the cause of its disappearance it is a pity, as it would have indicated the age of the tree. 

The flowers of maples are not their main attraction (unless you are an insect on the look out for nectar); it is the leaves and bark which make some species garden worthy with the Paperbark Maple vying with the Snakebark Maple, Acer rufinerve, for beautiful bark.

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