Friday, 16 November 2012

Season of mists...

The grey misty conditions of the last couple of days prevail but so far there have been no significant frosts. The year in general has been very wet and mushrooms and toadstools have flourished. I am often asked for the difference between the two; all I can say is that the word 'toadstool' comes from the German tod = 'death', and stuhl = 'stool', i.e the stool of death. By that definition any poisonous, stool-shaped fungus is a toadstool.
Earlier today (16 November) I photographed a specimen of the Shaggy Parasol Lepiota rhacodes beneath shrubs in the Pocket Park. My books say "Edible but may cause gastric upsets..."  I think I'll give it a miss.

Remarkably, Hogweed Heracleum sphondylium was also flowering well (better than the focusing of my picture!) and, given a spot of warm sunshine, will doubtless attract a few insects.


  1. There is a mushroom, Russula Emetica which has the common name of 'Sickener' or 'Vomiting Russula'. It has an offensive taste and the toxins can be removed by boiling or pickling. Why would you even bother?

    Loving the blog.


    1. Thanks Cels B. Glad you're enjoying my ramblings - at least blogging keeps me out of mischief!