Friday, 2 March 2018

Plans on hold

Oh dear! I had such grand plans for March: there would be mild days when insects would be on the wing, perhaps visiting blackthorn blossom; there would be sowings of broad beans, lettuce and peas to be made on the allotment; garden flowers such as aubretia (yes, I know - it should be Aubrieta) would be receiving visits from bees and butterflies...but all is now on hold, postponed until the soil has warmed up.
We have had Fieldfares, Turdus pilaris, in the garden, vigorously driving off, temporarily, the resident blackbirds. My books suggest that the two species are about the same in size but the fieldfares certainly seem bulkier and are more pugnacious. The blackbirds seem to accept a subordinate position. I have put out more food for them but they are reluctant to enter our rather small garden. They feel vulnerable but eventually hunger will overcome their fear.
A buzzard drifts overhead. I suspect that a major part of their food is in the form of road kills but with so little traffic about there will be slim pickings. Small birds are very vulnerable in these conditions and many will perish; buzzards, together with the red kites increasingly being seen in this area, may have to make do with these pathetic corpses - if foxes don't beat them to it.
Having had my grumble, we seem in truth to have got off rather lightly - so far. In the strong winds there has been a little drifting here and there but nothing troublesome although I hear that there have been six foot high drifts in parts of Northamptonshire. Cars creep cautiously along nearby Christchurch Drive although our road, Trinity Close, is tackled only by foolhardy or desperate drivers. Some have two or three attempts before succeeding. With Northamptonshire County Council more or less bust I suspect only the most vital routes will see a gritter.
There were mini-drifts beside our garage. Stefen Hill, Daventry.
2 March, 2018
By providing low-growing perennials with a blanket the snow may have been beneficial but yesterday was officially the first day of spring so its not much of a consolation. A few spectacular photographs would also have been rather nice but I was too wimpish to wrap up and go traipsing over fields on the off chance.
Rock garden plants wait under their blanket of snow in our front garden.
2 March, 2018
Chris and I just batten down the hatches, watch the falling snow and sit it out.

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