Sunday, 25 March 2018

Out with the old

As the snow melted I was relieved to see that little damage was apparent. For a couple of days all seemed well but...
It soon became clear that our Cordyline had taken a real battering and was looking in a sorry state. It was by no means dead and, given time, it could once again make a presentable plant. But it was time I couldn't spare. Out it went.

The bitterly cold weather has damaged our Cordyline.
23 March, 2018
I have yet to replace it but have used some of the space suddenly available to put in a neat little cypress, Chamaecyparis obtusa 'nana gracilis aurea'. The name says it all: 'chamae, means low, 'nana' is dwarf and 'aurea' means gold. What more could one wish for in a small garden.
Its place has been partially taken by a Hinoki Cypress.
25 March, 2018
In planting this Japanese conifer I disturbed some nearby plants and from one emerged a caterpillar. It was an Angle Shades, Phlogophora meticulosa, which in its adult (imago) stage is, I feel, one of our loveliest moths, decked out in subtle shades of green and brown. The caterpillar can sometimes be a pest, eating unopened bud of flowers, but I find it hard to be cross with it for long. 
The larva of an Angle Shades moth on thyme in our front garden.
25 March, 2018
Feeling ruthless, I also removed a self-sown Fuchsia on the not unreasonable grounds that it was dead. I also took out a Veronica (Hebe) as it had grown leggy and inappropriately large for our front garden, but I was surprised to find that it had left behind about three seedlings. The parent plant was a hybrid so I'm temped to foster these seedlings to see just what we've got.


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