Sunday, 4 March 2018

Cactus calamity!

The thaw is gathering pace and some patches are already clear of snow but there has been what Jimmy Durante called a capostrophe!
One of our two cacti, apparently so healthy yesterday, is clearly on its way out.

On the face of it, a healthy pair of cacti.
Now, now! No rude, ribald or otherwise unseemly comments please. Let us bow our heads in sad remembrance of a fine member element of that coterie of plants which formed our front garden. I strongly suspect that the next few days will show that its partner has also deceased.
Twenty four hours later and the awful truth is revealed.
4 March, 2018

It will join its ancestors in the land beyond, doubtless arriving with the words:
Melita, Domi Adsum*

Rough translation: Honey, I'm home!

* An amusing yet oddly touching epitaph to which my attention was recently drawn. I had to find some way of squeezing it into a blog! Other possibilities were: Vale, Lacerte (See Ya later Alligator!) and Me Transmitte Sursum, Caledoni (Beam Me Up, Scotty) but I'm not one to plagiarise - much.

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