Sunday, 29 May 2016

Norton Churchyard

The clock on the church tower said 2.30 so there was time for  quick look around before kick-off in the England v Wales rugby, being shown at the village pub, The White Horse.

Kick-off in half an hour! All Saints Church,
Norton, Northants. 29 May, 2016
The Church of All Saints is very old, with the porch dating from the 13th century, but a legend claims that St Patrick hails from the village, so Christianity hereabouts goes back much further. (It seems that religious fervour is still intense here: twice I heard someone shout 'God help us' when watching the rugby.)

Solid and unfussy. All Saints Church, Norton.
29 May, 2016
The church is an unfussy building and is fairly typical of the area using, as is often the case, the local Jurassic marlstone for the masonry. Most of the churchyard is carefully manicured and of limited wildlife value but around 250 square metres at the back of the church has been left to revert to nature and would have repaid further attention.
Woody Nightshade, its relationship to the potato all
too obvious. Norton, Northants. 29 May, 2016

Brambles and nettles were dominant but Woody Nightshade aka Bittersweet, Solanum dulcamara (dulcis sweet; amara - bitter), was present, as was hawthorn:

                                  And scrambling up the hawthorn's prickly bower,
                                  For ramping woodbines and blue Bitter Sweet.
                                                                                             John Clare's Village Minstrel, 1821

Nearly kick off time. Just time to photograph the headstone of the unfortunate Emily who, once married, became Emily Emery - try saying that after a couple of pints!

England triumphed but I'll gloss over the details in case any Cambrians read this blog.

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