Sunday, 1 April 2018

Not all is gloom

I'm trying to be positive and recognise that through the general murk of this spring things are moving - slowly. The Pasque Flowers, Pulsatilla vulgaris, in the front garden are a gnat's crotchet from flowering and the Hacquetia, Hacquetia epipactis, is already displaying its curious flowers. 
Hacquetia peeps out from between cyclamens in our front garden,
Stefen Hill, Daventry. 1 April, 2018
This odd little member of the Carrot Family, Apiaceae, appears to have green petals but of course they are nothing of the sort. They are bracts, and the true flowers appear as a golden boss in the centre. It is a gem for any reasonably well-drained soil but I find it is generally accommodating.
Chris and I, together with our daughter Jacqui and her husband, Dean, paid a visit today to St Peter's Church, Wolfhampcote (sometimes the 'p' is left out). Given decent weather this is a pleasant walk from the edge of Braunston, but today conditions were very wet.
Standing water in the fields approaching St Peter's Church.
Wolfhampcote on the Warwickshire/Northants border. 1 April, 2018
This didn't bother our dog, Bing, and she splashed around happily. She was kept on a lead because lots of sheep were around and I fancy Bing would like to have played with them. This 'play' would however have taken the form of chasing them around and the lambs wouldn't have seem the fun side of it.
Sheep may safely graze - if dogs are kept on a lead.
Wolfhampcote. 1 April, 2018
With Bing firmly restrained the sheep and their offspring seemed calm and content. I have visited the church on a couple of earlier occasions and have described it in a previous blog. But it was Chris's first visit and she was suitably impressed, stuffing a big handful of coins into the collecting box. She had 'forgotten' her purse so she borrowed my money!
'Twas ever thus.

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