Monday, 1 January 2018

2018: here we go

I, like millions in the Western World, have eaten far too much unsuitable food over recent days. In consequence my trousers have shrunk, barely meeting at the waist, so now I must pay the price. Unfortunately with the festivities has come a very bad cold so today I have put my plans for a long walk on hold.
Nevertheless Chris and I did make it as far as our allotment to drop off the components of a compost bin I am constructing. As we went though Draycott we were delighted to see drifts of daffodils in flower.
Daffodils brightened up a grassy verge in the Draycott area of
Daventry. 1 January, 2018

They were on a grassy south-facing verge, clearly a warm spot for elsewhere 'daffs' may not be in bloom for some weeks. For example, on our allotment we planted fifty or so bulbs but they are only just poking their noses through the cold, wet soil.
Incidentally we were pleased with the state of the allotment plot. We are aiming to preserve soil structure by avoiding digging except where it is essential. One consequence could have been a forest of weeds since, chickweed, groundsel and winter cress will germinate and grow even in winter. So we were delighted when we were able to find very few of these annuals.
As for my walk, tomorrow's weather forecast is promising so I'll give it another bash.

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