Monday, 11 December 2017

Venturing out

I have not been out for two days now. Let me amend that by saying that I visited the bird table at the back but the front garden has not been graced by my presence. The only marks on the otherwise virginal snow are those left by a cat, seeking open ground for lavatorial purposes. One local cat is a regular, so much so that I refer to the chosen part of the front garden as 'cat crap corner'. Its feline visitations are vexing in the extreme and lead to blood-curdling descriptions of what I'd do should I catch it. All nonsense of course since I have a soft spot for cats.
Anyway, summoning up my courage I finally ventured out and in the event found I was one of a group of residents disinterring our cars (perhaps unwisely as their snowy blanket formed a protection against the sharp frost forecast for tonight) and then furiously shovelling snow from a to b, another questionable decision as the resultant heaps will take many days to melt. 'It's quite deep for snow,' a neighbour remarked. I agreed yet at the same time was puzzled by his comment. Would it have been the right depth for, say, blancmange?
Cacti take their chances. Stefen Hill, Daventry. 11 December, 2017

Interestingly the corner where I have planted a small group of cacti has remained largely clear of snow. Will they survive?
Whilst I was well wrapped up I took the opportunity to take out some recycling and dutifully put plastics, bottles and cans into one retainer, dropping paper and cardboard into another. Why do I bother? The bin men - and one bin woman - dump it all together into the lorry, mixing it up and thus rendering my efforts pointless. I wrote sixteen days ago to Daventry District Council regarding this but have yet to receive a reply. I won't let the matter rest.

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