Friday, 4 March 2016


Brilliant sun streamed in through the front windows, tempting me out.  I decided to venture only as far as Stefen Leys Pocket Park and clearly I wouldn't need gloves, not on such a bright, sunny day. Big mistake! Within minutes my hands were blue as a biting north wind searched out every tiny chink in my less than adequate clothing.


There were a few flowers to be seen but none was attracting insects. There were a few flies about but all were to be found on sheltered gate posts or similar structures. Insects are, of course poikilothermic and must wait for the sun to raise their body temperature to a point where muscles will work efficiently.





Chaenomeles japonica, aka Japanese Quince.
Stefen Hill, Daventry. 4 March, 2015

Those insects had more sense than I, perhaps sensing that a little later in the day snow would begin to fall. Humans may be 'warm-blooded' but I wasn't feeling it! True, the snow was only a flurry but these Japanese Quince flowers will wait in vain for a visitor; spring is still only nascent.














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