Sunday, 17 January 2016

Suddenly we have snow

We awoke to the first significant snow of the winter, a south-east wind having brought about an inch of the stuff. The growth of early Crocus, Narcissus and Irises has been brought to a shuddering halt. Birds have had it easy through December and early January but suddenly they are having to be extra diligent in their search for food. I must restock our bird feeders.

Our plans for tea and cakes in the back garden later have been put on hold.

 Even a 'leylandii' cypress has been rendered tolerably  attractive...

... and banks of Lawson's Cypress, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, are positively picturesque. The prefix 'chamae' means 'low' and I always feel it is rather odd for a tree that is able to tower to 150 feet (45 metres) high.

Well, some may like the snow. Groups of excited children were lugging toboggans along the roadside, seeking in vain for a suitable slope. They have a long walk: I could just make out groups hurtling down the steep sides of Big Hill between Daventry and Newnham - too far for little legs to manage.

As for me - a few minutes out there sufficed and I trudged home to seek the sanctuary of central heating.

Now, about those bird feeders...

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