Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Cannock Wedding

Chris and I have lots of relatives in and around Cannock, Staffordshire and from time to time we get invited up there for a celebration. Weddings, Christenings, special anniversaries - any excuse for a 'do' - and why not?

This time it was a wedding. 

Our grand-nephew Stuart was marrying Hannah in the modest but attractive little church of St John's (or St John,s according to the sign), in Heath Hayes.

My blogs are littered with typos, most of which I notice and correct prior to publication. On paintwork it isn't as simple!

On the previous day (Friday), during our drive up to Cannock, the weather had been foul, with some torrential rain, and the weather for the wedding was forecast to be wet. As it happened the guests gathered in pleasant sunshine. The dry conditions were particularly welcome because, post-service, the bride and groom were going to the reception in a smart little open-top Morris. 

The rest of us were to travel in a lovely vintage Guy bus. Chris appears to be checking tickets.

As usual, a few passers-by had gathered to watch and a spider crept out of its retreat in a wall to get a better view.

It appears to be Nuctenea umbratica - a genuine surprise are this species tends to be crepuscular, constructing a very strong and sticky web and sitting tight until, in fading light, it ventures out to gather in the day's catch.

The caterpillar of a Vapourer Moth seemed more concerned about getting wet feet as it skirted a couple of rain drops, so it missed all the goings-on.

Anyway, we all trooped in and, after a suitable wait, the bride arrived, looking genuinely lovely. I, trapped at the end of a pew, couldn't muscle in for a photograph and had to wait until after the ceremony.

Left to right: Steve, Tracey, Hannah, Stuart, Jane and Clive

Big smiles all round as pen is put to paper.

The weather was still fine as we gathered outside and confetti was showered, regardless of expense. Sadly the weather deteriorated and the official photographer was forced to continue his work in the rain. I got on the bus!
Any more fares please?

Chris arrived a few moments later. She really wanted to be the conductor but we had been given our tickets beforehand. As we began out journey the rain eased off so we arrived at the reception in dry 

We arrived to find that, despite the rain, amazing hairstyles had survived without damage!

The meal was genuinely excellent. Alcohol flowed freely but, with a drive home to be faced, Chris and I just had enough for toasts. An early departure meant that we missed the disco but you can't have everything.

It was a good day, and for an old misery like me to say that, it had to be really good.


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