Monday, 20 January 2014

Lengthening days

In a couple of months time Chris and I are off rambling in southern Greece and as I am not at all fit. and as today was reasonably fine (at least it was dry) I set off again for a strenuous walk. But of course it wasn't strenuous - stopping very couple of minutes to examine an enthralling twig doesn't exactly get the heart-rate up. 

I set off via Banbury Lane, pausing only to photograph a Spurge-laurel in full flower. 

Spurge-laurel, Daphne laureola.
Byfield, 18 February, 2014

Easily overlooked, the small. fragrant flowers merit closer examination,

Yesterday I more or less vowed not to photograph any lichens, so here are a couple (yes, I know it should be here is a couple, but) ...

Pannaria rubiginosa on the trunk of an ash tree.
Nr Byfield, 18 February, 2014

On the trunk of an ash tree was an attractive patch of Pannaria rubiginosa. This is a very widespread species, found all over the world except Australasia and Antarctica, so it doesn't count as a sensational find.

Evernia prunastri on an oak branch  nr Byfield.
18 February, 2014

... and Evernia prunastri, already featured in previous blogs and therefore meriting no further comment.

Snowdrops were abundant in places and, given an hour or two of sunshine, may get some visitors in the shape of honey bees.

But rather more interesting, as I approach Byfield, was a considerable patch of Lungwort.

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